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Global Access Available at No Cost to ESL Community

On December 12, 2005, the IEEE Standards Association Corporate Advisory Group approved the IEEE 1666-2005 Standard for SystemC. With this step, the SystemC community achieved a critical milestone that has been a key goal of the Open SystemC Initiative since its inception.

The IEEE 1666-2005 Standard SystemC Language Reference Manual (LRM) provides the definitive description and precise semantics of the SystemC class library which enables designers to accurately implement models and tools compatible to the language. Implementations can be developed with reference to the IEEE 1666 SystemC standard from the LRM alone, assuring users and tool suppliers that their design is built upon a stable and robust standard.

To further OSCI's commitment of fostering SystemC innovation and healthy ecosystem, OSCI arranged to make the IEEE-1666 LRM available on an ongoing basis for download from the IEEE website in a PDF format, at no cost to users and tool suppliers around the world.

The IEEE 1666 -2005 Standard LRM is now available for download at no cost on the IEEE website.

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