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Andy Goodrich Receives Accellera Systems Initiative Technical Excellence Award

"SystemC has come a long way in the past decade, growing into a foundation for modern system design environment that is used by thousands of design engineers worldwide," said Shishpal Rawat, Accellera chair. "The PoC simulator has been a substantial part of that market growth, and Andy Goodrich has kept the PoC simulator current and available to the design community. His efforts have directly led to the widespread industrial adoption that SystemC now enjoys, and the commercial toolset that has grown around it."

Mr. Goodrich will be recognized for contributions to SystemC at DVCon on March 3, 2014

San Jose, Calif., March 3, 2014 (at the Design and Verification Conference and Exhibition) -- Accellera Systems Initiative (Accellera) announces today that Andrew (Andy) Goodrich, a member of the SystemC Language Working Group (LWG), is the recipient of the third annual Accellera Technical Excellence Award. The award is being presented at the Design and Verification Conference and Exhibition (DVCon) on Accellera Systems Initiative Day, March 3, 2014 at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, ... More »

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Latest Media Coverage
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Accellera publishes SystemC-AMS 2.0 standard

Accellera Systems Initiative has published the language reference manual for the latest version of its mixed-signal simulation environment based on SystemC. Version 2.0 of SystemC-AMS adds support for more dynamic behaviors in the analog domain.

Tech Design Forum
20 Mar 2013
DVCon 2013: Engineers Question EDA Standards Leaders at Accellera "Town Hall" Meeting

Do design and verification engineers care about EDA standards? If the Accellera Systems Initiative "Town Hall" meeting at DVCon 2013 Feb. 25 is any indication, the answer is an emphatic yes. A packed audience attended a lively, hour-long meeting in which non-stop questions were answered by Accellera and IEEE standards developers.

Cadence Industry Insights Blog
25 Feb 2013
Master & Commander: DVCon's Stan Krolikoski

Now in its 25th year, DVCon is coming up in a couple of weeks in Silicon Valley. In terms of process nodes, 25 years is about twelve generations. In terms of dog years, it's about four generations. In terms of the life of Stan Krolikoski, however, 25 years is only part of one career. It's also the amount of time Stan's been going to DVCon, even though it had a different name when he attended the first such conference back in 1988.

06 Feb 2013
A look back on 2012: Accellera

Editor's note: While other respondents talked about standards, the response I got from Accellera was so complete that I want to publish it in its entirety.

An important principle of Accellera Systems Initiative is to encourage availability and adoption of next-general EDA and IP standards. To that end, Accellera has realized several accomplishments this year in the areas of technical achievements and standards; industry events; educational videos; and awards.

EE Times
13 Dec 2012
Accellera Systems Initiative: team effort & SystemC Library 2.3

"This week, Accellera Systems Initiative is announcing a new version of its SystemC library, Version 2.3 to be exact. There hasn't been a new version since way back in 2005 with Version 2.1 (albeit 2.2, a bug-fix release, was published in 2006), so this is the culmination of a lot of hard work."

18 Jul 2012
Accellera Systems rolls new SystemC Library

"Accellera Systems Initiative has released the version 2.3.0 of its SystemC open source proof-of-concept library. The offering comes free of charge to the global electronic design community, the organization noted.

Compatible with the newly revised IEEE 1666 Standard SystemC Language Reference Manual, announced by the IEEE Standards Association in November last year, version 2.3.0 provides a number features including support for transaction-level modeling (TLM), a critical approach to enable high level and more efficient design of complex ICs and SoCs in a single library, Accellera Systems stated."

EDN Asia
18 Jul 2012

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